Japkasai is extremely effective in treating low back pain and boosting energy. We have received many joyful voices in our research. Japkasai that exerts excellent effects on decreased libido, decreased energy, erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, decreased morning rise, back pain, stiff shoulders, decreased concentration, easy tiredness, apathy, insomnia, anxiety, haze, irritability, sweating, etc. Is a treatment method that will be a strong ally for us as modern people.

The male hormone "testosterone" is made up of 95% in the testicles. Agricultural chemicals and additives taken into the body with meals are detoxified to some extent, but adhere to the area around the testicles located outside the body. It may be an unavoidable fate for us living in modern society, but it can stimulate the area around the testicles and really detoxify it. The testicles that have returned to their normal state should produce testosterone again and lead the body to a healthy state. In addition, excessive masturbation also leads to a decrease in testosterone, and excessive stress also causes a decrease in testosterone, so it is desirable to live with a well-balanced and moderate motto.

The real thing is surely different from the result and satisfaction!
Japkasai is one of the traditional Thai medical treatment methods. Salons that you can receive with confidence are those that are officially recognized by the qualification-issuing industry group TTMA. The salon provided on this portal site is also equipped with an accident compensation system in the unlikely event. Only excellent TTMA certified therapists who have passed rigorous screening will perform the procedure. At the TTMA official salon, we will first consider the five senses and prepare an environment that focuses on sight, hearing, smell, etc. to provide a space where customers can relax. First of all, we provide counseling, and we feel that the customer feels unwell, mentally cramped, and inconvenient.・・・
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◆The standard of Thai traditional therapy is 120 minutes.
The Thai traditional medicine treatment method is fundamentally different from the quick massage that aims to partially loosen the stiffness, so by treating the whole body, the natural healing power that human beings originally have is brought out. Japkasai is often misunderstood as "stimulating the area around the testicles", but partial treatment alone cannot be expected to be as effective as it is, and it cannot be called Japkasai. The Thai traditional massage approach should be used to promote blood flow and circulate the air throughout the body. In Thai traditional therapy, the basic time is 120 minutes in any case, and in this way of thinking about the treatment time.・・・
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◆Meaning to receive Japkasai several times in a row.

Thai traditional medicine treatment method brings out the natural healing power that human beings originally have. With regard to Japkasai, there are cases where the results are not accompanied by factors other than the treatment. For example, if your body is cold due to lack of sleep and your diet is biased, it is extremely difficult to get results by treatment alone. Before you get Japkasai, start by reviewing your basic lifestyle. In addition, even if the result is not obtained only once, it may be gradually improved by receiving it in several times. I will show you the recommended way to receive it・・・

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◆It's as different as "moon and soft-shelled turtle".

Even if you say "Japkasai" in a bite, the content is as different as the moon and the soft-shelled turtle. It depends on the store and the therapist. In TTMA's Japkasai qualification exam, you don't have to learn the fixed procedure like a massage robot. The examination is conducted by a test that accurately grasps the physical condition and performs appropriate treatment according to the situation. Therefore, unlike Kintaro-ame, no one wants the same treatment. This is because it doesn't really make sense. Not all shops can offer the same treatment to everyone. Each body is different・・・

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◆Received Japkasai in Daikanyama.

If you want to receive Japkasai in Daikanyama, please receive it at a salon officially recognized by the industry group TTMA. There is "GOD HANDS" in Daikanyama, Tokyo. GODHANDS is a salon where you can occupy a completely private room. The feature is that you can sleep comfortably and be healed without worrying about other customers. GODHANDS is located 1-minute walk from Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line. Since it is a system where registered therapists rush here every time an order is placed, it is operated by a complete reservation system.

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◆Received Japkasai in Yokohama.

If you want to receive Japkasai in Yokohama, please take it at a salon officially recognized by the industry group TTMA. There is "Bokunchi" in the Higashiyamata area of Yokohama. "Bokunchi" is a fun home. You can receive Japkasai from yourself. Please go to your friend's house and enjoy Japkasai as if you were relaxing. The price is a little higher, but please understand that it is a celebrity. Of course, it is operated by a complete reservation system. If you are interested, please do!

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◆Received Japkasai in Kamakura.

If you want to receive Japkasai in Kamakura, please take it at a salon officially recognized by the industry group TTMA. There is "TTMA FOREST SPA" in Gokurakuji, Kamakura. The highest-class salon that reigns at the top of the TTMA group salons. In addition to the single item menu, we also have a limited menu and a retreat program where you can get a massage over the course of a day to get in shape. The facility in the mountains of Gokuraku-ji Temple in Kamakura is for energy adjustment. It is operated as an alternative medicine for recovery from poor physical condition. Massage treatments received in the sky garden surrounded by forests can relieve stress while being surrounded by natural energy.

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◆Received Japkasai at Fujisawa.

If you want to receive Japkasai in Shonan, please receive it at a salon authorized by the industry group TTMA. There is "BUDDHA BUDDHA BUDDHA" in Fujisawa City. 1 minute walk from Enoden "Yanagikoji" station. It is a roadside shop along Route 467 from the center of Fujisawa to Enoshima. We also offer rare traditional medicine therapies such as Thai traditional massage, ChiNeiThang, Japkasai and Yokthong.

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◆Received Japkasai in Osaka.

If you want to receive Japkasai in Osaka, please take it at the salon recommended by the industry group TTMA. There is "Biancaneve" in Tennoji Ward, Osaka City. It is a private salon of the official therapist "Haruka Takanashi". "Private Salon Biancaneve" is a salon created to eliminate the complex that can be understood only by "Yuharu Kotori" who has experience as a former showgirl and sex worker. We hope that both male and female customers will come and talk about "sexual concerns" that are difficult to talk to others. We accept reservations only.

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◆Received Japkasai in Kagoshima.

Thai traditional medicine massage salon "Behomalar" in Kagoshima City is a private salon that deals with natural remedies by appointment only. This salon is sponsored by Thai yoga massage therapist Roke Yoshikawa. Here is the figure of a former Ginza sister who was reborn after studying in earnest after changing direction. At Yoshikawa Roke's private salon "Behomalar", which is also active as a moon reader, food coordinator, and vegetarian food master, you can receive treatment directly from yourself. We also offer rare traditional medicine therapies such as Thai traditional massage, Chinaisan, Japkasai, Yokthong and Yam Khan.

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◆Receive Japkasai at home.

If you want to receive Japkasai at home, there is "Japkasai Delivery Service" operated by the industry group TTMA. This is a service where the therapist visits you at a designated place and at a designated time to perform the treatment. Customers can receive Japkasai as Thai traditional medicine from a TTMA certified therapist. Since it is a delivery service only for therapists who are qualified by the industry group TTMA, the technical level is guaranteed. You can receive the treatment with confidence・・・

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Is your body okay?

The main effects of Japkasai are said to be "alleviation of chronic low back pain" and "improvement of reproductive function". In our research as well, these two have achieved great results. If the above two points clearly apply to you, it is a good idea to receive Japkasai. But that shouldn't be the only thing. Have you been confused at work lately? I should have been clear, but I haven't been feeling well lately ... I feel tired and lose my concentration and sustainability. I'm tired easily and I'm not motivated ... Even if I wake up in bed, I don't feel refreshed ... etc. Are you still feeling ill? It may not be ill. But if the symptom persists・・・

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Free physical condition diagnosis health check

"Free Physical Condition Diagnosis" allows you to self-assess whether you need Japkasai now. It's easy to think that menopause is unique to women, but men also have menopause. It may be young, regardless of age. If you are interested, check out Male Menopause Disorder (LOH Syndrome). There are 69 checkpoints in all. Please count the number of "yes". Regardless of the category, those who meet 10 or more check items may have male climacteric disorder (LOH syndrome).

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Oriental medical interview

"Oriental Medicine Questionnaire" publishes an original questionnaire based on the traditional medical theory of the Seven Stars theory, which is upgraded from the five elements theory of oriental medicine. It is a physical condition check from a full-scale oriental medical perspective (Thu, Tue, Sat, Fri, Wed, Earth, Air). Which of the seven categories applies to your physical condition? Check the items that apply to each item, and it can be said that the category with the largest total number checked is the category with problems based on oriental medicine. It doesn't matter if you can't narrow it down to one. Based on the highest total number of "yes" (Thursday, Tuesday, Saturday, Friday, Wednesday, ground, air), please feel free to consult with us at the TTMA official salon.

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◆Traditional medicine massage improves your physical condition.

Japkasai is not the only traditional medical massage therapy promoted by TTMA. We have improved various illnesses with old-fashioned massage therapy. Muscle fatigue, lower back pain, back pain, stiff shoulders, stiff neck, eye fatigue, chronic fatigue, malaise, weakness, coldness, swelling, stress, insomnia, cough / throat / chest pain, cold, initial symptoms of cold, headache , Dizziness, obesity, irritability, depression / anxiety, autonomic imbalance, depression / mental illness, constipation, rough skin, tired face, dullness, hair loss / hair dryness, irregular physiology, PMS, menopausal disorder, ED / male dysfunction , Decreased libido, infertility, child health, hypertension, collagen disease, ascites, medical treatment during and after illness・・・

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◆1-day retreat for recovery of male function

It is a one-day retreat plan that provides a complex combination of traditional medicine massages to improve male function. When male hormones decrease, you lose motivation and your judgment becomes dull. Your field of vision will be narrowed and you will not be willing to work on things. You will suffer from back pain and you will also have erectile dysfunction. 95% of the male hormone testosterone is made from the testicles, but one of the traditional treatments in Thailand is Japkasai. It never touches the penis, but it sheds waste and chemicals around the testicles to promote blood circulation. In many cases of oriental medicine, symptoms of renal deficiency are seen, and stress・・・

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◆1-day retreat to improve female function

This is a one-day retreat plan that provides a complex combination of traditional medicine massages to improve female function. This plan is recommended for customers with irregular menstruation, frustration, PMS, anti-aging, and menopause. Especially recommended for those with infertility and those who are pregnant. Even if you are examined at the hospital and diagnosed as having no abnormalities, it means that the test items are above a certain value, and it is another matter whether you can get pregnant immediately. This plan is a plan to activate the action of the female hormone estrogen. You will be able to raise your body temperature, eliminate the cold, and improve your physical function. Mentally・・・

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◆List of qualified and excellent therapists

Here is a list of the best therapists that TTMA can proudly recommend. Of course, they are TTMA qualified professionals. "T-class" and "R-class" are qualifications that allow you to safely perform Japkasai treatment at a relaxation level. "A grade" is a qualification that allows you to perform treatment at a level as close to treatment as possible so that you are familiar with Thai traditional medicine theory and lead to results. "AA grade" is a qualification that can teach Thai traditional medicine including Japkasai. "AAA grade" are praiseworthy masters for their achievements.

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