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The male hormone "testosterone" decreases with age. What happens when testosterone drops?

【1】Lack of motivation and concentration.
【2】I can't challenge.
【3】Relationships get messed up.
【4】I sleep lighter.
【5】It makes you more likely to feel pain.

If it gets worse, there is an increased risk of cognitive decline and premature death.

It's easy to think that menopause is unique to women, but men also have menopause. It may be young, regardless of age. If you are interested, check out Male Menopause Disorder (LOH Syndrome). There are 69 checkpoints in all. Please count the number of "yes". Regardless of the category, those who meet 10 or more check items may have male climacteric disorder (LOH syndrome).
■Check items about the body
・Sometimes I'm sweating even though it's not hot Yes No
・When I wake up in the morning, my pillow is damp with night sweats Yes No
・I get so sweaty that I have to change my underwear even indoors Yes No
◇Hot flashes    
・Sometimes I can climb even though I'm not nervous Yes No
・Your body may get hot and hot Yes No
・I have a hot flash Yes No
・I have trouble falling asleep Yes No
・I wake up in the middle of the night Yes No
・I think I'm sleeping, but I get sleepy during the day Yes No
・Tinnitus may occur Yes No
・May be dizzy Yes No
・Often have a headache Yes No
◇Metabolic syndrome    
・I was told that I was a metabolic syndrome in a medical examination Yes No
・I had a lot of stomach Yes No
・I feel heavy Yes No
◇Muscle weakness    
・I feel that my strength is getting weaker Yes No
・I feel that my physical strength has dropped Yes No
・Shortness of breath with a little exercise Yes No
◇Joint pain    
・Pain in the limbs, pain in the entire back Yes No
・It's hard to sit on a chair for a long time Yes No
・My knees and lower back hurt when I walk for a long time Yes No
◇Feeling tired    
・Strong desire to sleep, often tired Yes No
・My face is tired in the evening Yes No
・Bears may form under the eyes Yes No
◇Changes in body hair    
・Beard growth is slowing down Yes No
・The beard has become thin Yes No
・Hair has become thin Yes No
◇High blood pressure    
・Palpitations and shortness of breath increased Yes No
・Headache continues Yes No
・Tinnitus may occur Yes No
◇Myocardial infarction    
・I have chest pain Yes No
・Nausea Yes No
・Feel heavy body Yes No
・I feel like my chest is tightened Yes No
・Continued mild nausea and sickness tolerable Yes No
・May be stuffy Yes No
・The number of times I go to the bathroom during the day has increased Yes No
・Wake up with urine many times in the middle of the night Yes No
・I'm worried about the toilet when traveling for a long time Yes No
■Check items about the mind
・Often moody Yes No
・Sometimes I feel unforgivable or angry with even the smallest things Yes No
・I feel like I'm not laughing lately Yes No
・I feel my peak has passed Yes No
・Easy to panic Yes No
・perhaps···? I think in the wrong direction Yes No
・I'm feeling depressed Yes No
・Feeling worthless or feeling guilty Yes No
・Sometimes I think I'll hurt myself or die Yes No
・I have a thin appetite Yes No
・Food preferences have changed Yes No
・Extremely increased appetite Yes No
・I'm having trouble falling asleep Yes No
・Wake up in the middle of the night Yes No
・Wake up early in the morning Yes No
・I feel that my work mistakes have increased Yes No
・I have a lot of forgetfulness Yes No
・It became difficult to decide something Yes No
・I became lethargic for anything Yes No
・There are things you can't do without forcing yourself to do something Yes No
・Sometimes I'm tired of playing hobbies and sports that I was looking forward to Yes No
■Check items for sex
・The erection has become softer Yes No
・The time I have an erection has become shorter Yes No
・Difficult to maintain an erection until the end during sexual intercourse Yes No
◇Decreased libido    
・Less libido and sexual drive than before Yes No
・I'm less likely to think about erotic things Yes No
・I feel that the joy of sex has decreased Yes No
◇Morning wood    
・The number of morning rises has decreased Yes No
・The state of standing in the morning is halfway Yes No
・More often than not standing in the morning Yes No

How was it? Did you have more than 10 "yes"? Regardless of the number, if there is an item you are interested in, you may be able to improve it by receiving Japkasai. You may be able to get out of the reserve army by dealing with it when you are not ill.

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