On this portal site, Japkasai (commonly known as testicle massage) will tell you something correctly, guide you to a healthy salon, introduce a therapist with proper skills, and guide you to a school where you can learn properly. So, we are working on the promotion of healthy "Japkasai". In Japan, there are services that offer Japkasai seriously, but there are also shops that incorporate it as part of the rejuvenating massage service, and there are also sloppy treatments such as simply pulling without being based on traditional medical theory. It's rampant. Japkasai is sometimes misunderstood as a genre and suspicious procedure. We, the Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association (TTMA), a non-profit organization, want to contribute to your health through treatments that are as close to treatment as possible.

Demand for Japkasai continues for a long time.
The corona is widespread and the real economy is in tatters. The restaurants are forced to open in a short time, and the stores where many people gather are jerky. However, the Bank of Japan prints money and the money is rushing around in the market, so the stock price is high. It's just a re-flame of the bubble ... So what about the massage industry? There are many types of massage industry. There are many types of massage such as relaxation body care, relaxation aroma massage, Thai traditional massage, chiropractic, chiropractic, therapeutic acupuncture and moxibustion. Under such circumstances, I was hit hard ...
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The market size of Japkasai is expanding.

Japkasai has become a hot topic in Chimata. In fact, the market size is skyrocketing. It's a rare treatment that isn't well known, but the reason why there are so many customers is that the results are immediate. Relaxation massage does not mean that you will know the result immediately after receiving it. However, Japkasai is a massage business where you can see the results immediately after the procedure or the next morning. Those who have suffered from low back pain for many years will be clearly relieved by Japkasai, the male function will be fully open after receiving the treatment, and the tent tension the next morning was good for the first time in a while ...

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◆The price is high, but it is rare.

The market price of Japkasai is about 60 minutes = 20000 yen, 120 minutes = 30,000 yen, 180 minutes = 40,000 yen. Apart from the super-discount body care massage, the main price range of massage in Japan is about 60 minutes = 6000 yen, 120 minutes = 12000 yen, 180 minutes = 18000 yen, so the price more than double is the market of Japkasai. You can see that it is the price. For example, let's say you started a private business. Suppose you run 20 days a month. If one person is treated for 180 minutes a day, the monthly sales will be 360,000 yen. Of course, if you do it in earnest, it will be a business that makes a lot of money. Of course,・・・

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◆Japkasai is a social contribution business

Practicing Japkasai is a role to invigorate men. When men get well, women get well. The birth rate in Japan may also increase. The slowdown in Japan's GDP will also stop, and we may be able to expect a bright future. There are still many misunderstandings about Japkasai, but I feel that there are many wonderful people who are responsible for Japanese society as customers. It is unlikely that someone who is not blessed with a partner and stays at home all the time will come. Being healthy by receiving Japkasai cherishes your partner and surrounds you・・・

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◆Making money is saving people in need

An increasing number of people are making money with Japkasai. In fact, you're making a lot of money by learning the skills and offering them as a service. There is a tuition fee to study at school, but if you start activities normally as a freelancer, most of the people will collect it within 1 to 3 months. In a normal business, it is necessary to purchase and turn around on a regular basis, so at least millions of yen of working funds must be pooled. However, in this massage therapy business, if you purchase skills first, everything else will be profitable.・・・

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◆If you injure a customer・・・

If you want to start activities with massage therapy, not just Japkasai, the biggest bottleneck is probably the problem of accident compensation. If the client gets sick, the amount of damages often amounts to tens of millions of yen. No one will take the risk of tens of millions of yen to make a profit of tens of thousands of yen. It's a lucrative business model, but it's too dangerous if you don't think about what happens in the unlikely event of an accident. There is also the danger that you will end up swinging on a stick for the rest of your life because of a momentary event.・・・

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◆Industry groups promote Japkasai

The industry group TTMA (Non-Profit Organization Traditional Thai Massage Association Japan) is active as the center of the spread of Thai traditional medicine massage. Japkasai is an ancient therapy in Thai traditional medicine, so TTMA is working to promote safe and hygienic treatment. On a daily basis, we also cooperate with the police and the prosecution, and from the perspective of cracking down on illegal activities, we also carry out social activities such as explaining what Thai traditional medicine is in situations such as trials. As a matter of fact, it is happening that sex shops use Japkasai as a bargain, or perform obscene acts by calling them traditional medical acts.・・・

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TTMA supports your freelance

TTMA supports therapists' independent practice and freelance. The industry group TTMA (Non-Profit Organization Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association) is promoting the practice of traditional Thai medicine in a sound manner under the theme of "Safety for customers. Peace of mind for therapists." I want to help you. Today, the deterioration of the global environment is making noise, but the therapist industry is the ultimate "SDGs". Does not destroy the natural environment. I don't even steal someone's stuff. It is a work that connects with the heart and a work that strengthens the bond between people. It is a work that makes people happy and makes them happy. And TTMA・・・

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◆If you get the qualification, the support will be enhanced.

The number of inquiries about "I want to open a business in Japkasai!" Has increased. As a matter of fact, those who have achieved the opening seem to be making a lot of money. By acquiring the Japkasai qualification, you will be able to perform freelance activities such as side business, home opening, business trip sales, and salon opening. Skills can be learned properly at school, but the biggest problem in activities may be "presence or absence of accident compensation". In the case of Japkasai, there is no insurance company that will cover the accident in the unlikely event that it happens. So, if you want to start a business, get a TTMA qualification・・・

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◆Meaning of TTMA official qualification

Japkasai is a procedure that can easily lead to an accident if you make a mistake. Whether or not the therapist is properly qualified is a big difference. With the recent attention of Japkasai, there are increasing cases of charging exorbitant fees as Japkasai, even though it is a customs service. It seems that some people are personally active using SNS and Twitter. We, the industry group TTMA, are an NPO that has spread Thai traditional medicine treatment methods for over 20 years, but there are many cases of damage caused by the selfish behavior of unqualified persons. The qualification test is conducted by a strict practical test.・・・

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◆The qualification certificate is a TTMA certificate.

Treatment methods based on traditional medicine are often perceived as ugly or prejudiced as genre. Twenty years ago, "Thai traditional massage" was also in such a misunderstanding. Since its establishment in November 2000, through various activities to this day, we have conveyed the splendor of Thai traditional medicine to society. Our organization has been striving for sound dissemination activities in cooperation with administrative agencies such as the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand and the police. Perhaps because of that, Thai traditional massage has gradually become popular, less prejudiced, and has become accepted by the world. For Thai traditional medicine,・・・

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◆Class T is a qualification for relaxation

By being certified as a T-class qualified person, you will be able to perform Japkasai as relaxation. You will be able to start freelance activities. After studying Japkasai lessons at a TTMA official school, many people just take the qualification test and pass it. We will take the practical test immediately, but the results will be available immediately, so you can start the activity immediately. It is a qualification that can safely perform a series of operations such as promoting blood flow by treating the inguinal region to the abdomen, creating a warm state of the lower body, and stimulating the local area. This alone may produce results.

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◆Class A is a qualification to perform as Thai traditional medicine

Class A qualification is a qualification for performing treatment with a purpose as close as possible to treatment in Thai traditional medicine. Since the treatment is performed based on the theory of traditional medicine, we can deal with the problems of the clients who come. Of course, pulling around the testicles is not enough to get the desired result. It is necessary to increase the blood flow of the whole body in advance, and it is also necessary to adjust the energy line of the whole body. From an oriental medical point of view, it is a qualification to raise the circulation of air, blood and water, and to not overlook the condition of the abdomen and the signs that appear on the whole body, and perform the treatment as appropriate.

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◆Class AA is qualified to teach Japkasai

The qualification for teaching Japkasai is AA grade. Only those who have actual treatment experience and who have practiced therapeutic practice based on Thai traditional medicine theory can teach Japkasai. Being able to teach Japkasai means that you can teach all traditional medicine massage therapy, and you can only study in the general course of the TTMA official school. If you want to catch Japkasai with a view to developing multiple stores, it is best to add at least one person with this AA level qualification to your group.

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◆Free registration for delivery service

If you obtain a T-class qualification or an A-class qualification, you can also register for free with the "Japkasai Delivery Service". This service is a service that makes 100% therapist's profit because TTMA does not expect any profit for qualified members. As long as you get the qualification, your business development will definitely be advantageous. The meaning of getting a qualification is not just to get a "crown", but because there are actually many positive benefits, we are promoting the acquisition of qualifications.

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◆Delivery of Thai traditional massage!

Although it is not Japkasai, there is also a classic "Thai traditional massage delivery service". You can register for free with a B-class qualification, so if you can acquire skills aiming for an A-class qualification, you can expect profits from here as well. There are no restrictions, so you can expect profits with plus alpha while opening your own shop. The meaning of getting a qualification is not just to get a "crown", but because there are actually many positive benefits, we are promoting the acquisition of qualifications.

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◆A rental salon is also available.

Once you have the TTMA qualification, you can also use the TTMA rental salon "TTMA Space". "Japkasai" ... I'm interested, but I don't have a place ... Before giving up, please consider a rental salon. Even if you don't have a store, you can rent it only when you need it. This salon can only be used by TTMA qualified members. For the purpose of excluding people who are in the moguri business, we do not lend to anyone other than TTMA qualified members. Thai traditional medicine massages such as Japkasai, Yokthong, and Chineithang can be operated at this rental salon.

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Underground JAPKASAI business is full of danger.

In some cases, receiving Japkasai made me sick. "I have a stomachache right after that." "The testicles are heavy." "I suddenly noticed that I had abdominal pain in the middle of the night." The condition lasted for several days. "" I had a pain for a while when I was urinating, probably because I got some germs. "" I had a binging pain just by walking. " "There were a lot of claw marks on my skin." "I got worse and I got worse." Under the surface of the water, accidents caused by the testicles have occurred. Please be careful. TTMA qualifications are issued based on rigorous screening based on the results of on-the-job and written exams. Therapists who are not attentive to safety and hygiene are not qualified. ・・・

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Unqualified illegal activity is out of the question.

Accidents occur frequently under the surface of the water. In some cases, the signboard of "Japkasai" was raised without permission, and in some cases, the sex shop was called "Japkasai" for the purpose of differentiating and attracting customers. In some cases, he acted obscenely in the name of traditional medicine and was found guilty after being sued. "Japkasai" is a traditional medical treatment method. It is a qualification system to protect traditional medicine and contribute to society safely and correctly. Please do not use Japkasai as a cover for illegal activities.・・・

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Whether or not you have qualifications matters!

Mr. Tanoshingo is one of the qualified members of TTMA, but he has been accused of having a bad image of the therapist he is working with because he is doing Japkasai. However, the decision was a complete victory for Mr. Shingo. What he is doing is a well-established traditional medicine therapy, and the complaint was completely dismissed if it was not worth it. The president of TTMA also cooperated with the trial received at the Tokyo District Court. I was asked for the views of traditional medicine, and traditional medical materials and explanations about Japkasai became reference materials. At the Shibuya police station, there is also a movement to confirm the "TTMA certificate" by cracking down on illegal customs business. ・・・

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TTMA official salon recognition

In the qualification test, after conducting a qualification test by practical skill and writing, the qualification is issued only to successful applicants based on strict examination criteria. If you want to set up a salon and operate Japkasai as a product, you need to be officially certified as a TTMA official salon. The official certification of the official salon requires the acquisition of B-class qualification or R-class qualification. If you have a certificate installed in your store, you will immediately know that it is an officially certified salon. In that case, TTMA guarantees your massage therapy skills. We guarantee up to 100 million yen in the unlikely event of an accident. It is a proof of full-fledged skill that is far different from bad massage and genre, so I hope you can receive Japkasai with confidence.・・・

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There is more demand below the surface.

ED does not mean only the serious illness of "no erection at all", but "occasionally does not erection" "erection does not become hard enough" "erection state does not persist" "erection can be inserted but persists" It is defined as ED including symptoms such as "I get out of the way without doing it". Even if you have an erection but you are in a broken state where you can not do SEX to the end, it is treated as ED.In 2019, an ED survey of a total of 2000 people was conducted for men aged 20 to 79 years in Japan, but it is estimated nationwide that there are 14.11 million mild EDs who can have sexual intercourse, and moderate EDs who can not have sexual intercourse occasionally. 7.2 million people, 6.8 million full EDs who did not get enough erections every time. Summing up moderate and full ED, we found that 14 million out of 2000 adult men suffer from severe ED・・・

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Reproductive dysfunction is widespread in modern society.

The need for Japkasai is increasing day by day, but the background to this is the problem of residual pesticides and the problem of food additives. This is because these harmful substances adhere to the testicles located outside the body. The male hormone "testosterone" is made up of 95% of the testicles. When this happens, it becomes difficult for male hormones to be produced, and the physical condition deteriorates, causing depression, back pain, and erectile dysfunction. Men become more feminine and the birth rate declines. Originally, men have a structure that is harder to detox than women. Women have regular periods and have children, so it's relatively easy to detox, but men can only detox a little bit. ・・・

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Conditions for starting a Japkasai business

When you start a new business, you have anxiety. Will it work? What should I do if I fail? ... There are various ways to do it. Some people are good at attracting customers on Twitter and HPf. However, there are people who are constantly visiting customers just by word of mouth, even though they are not advertising. It's probably because I love our customers, and their kind feelings are reflected in their words, actions, and a little consideration. The heart is always transmitted. The only condition for starting this business is "gentle feelings". You can also see "I want money! I want money!" But if you want money, do your best to make someone happy. Then you will end up with money. You should be able to get not only money, but also connections, trust, and happiness. You can be clumsy. It's about helping someone hard, saving someone, and making someone happy.・・・

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For example, what if I started freelance like this ...?

I'm often asked, "I'm inexperienced ... I'm interested in Japkasai !! What should I do?", So here's what we recommend. In this way, more and more people are getting richer.1,Learn "Japkasai" at TTMA official school.TTMA official schools include NBS (The Nuad Bo Rarn School Japan) in Daikanyama, Tokyo, NBS Chiang Mai in Thailand Chiang Mai, and SHIVAGA (Shivaka Traditional Medical School) in Kamakura. At NBS, there is also a "home delivery lesson" where you can invite an instructor to take lessons at home. The biggest bottleneck in starting Japkasai Freelance is the school tuition. A small amount of money will be required, but many people collect all tuition fees in about 1 to 3 months.・・・

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◆"About Japkasai" on Youtube

The Thai traditional industry has grown and there are many independent and freelance self-employed therapists. Currently, TTMA is supporting "Japkasai" as the most necessary skill now, but TTMA wants to increase the number of therapists and help more people to promote Japkasai. .. There will still be prejudice in Japkasai. But I think it's time to see the light of day for Japkasai, as was the case with Thai traditional massage 20 years ago. Business should be positive because it is more rare when there is prejudice.・・・

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Study of traditional medicine Japkasai

Japkasai is extremely effective in treating low back pain and boosting energy. We have received many joyful voices in our research. Japkasai that exerts excellent effects on decreased libido, decreased energy, erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, decreased morning rise, back pain, stiff shoulders, decreased concentration, easy tiredness, apathy, insomnia, anxiety, haze, irritability, sweating, etc. Is a treatment method that will be a strong ally for us as modern people. The male hormone "testosterone" is made up of 95% in the testicles. Agricultural chemicals and additives taken into the body with meals are detoxified to some extent, but adhere to the area around the testicles located outside the body. Japkasai allows you to remove more waste from your testicles. The testicles that have returned to normal will produce testosterone again and should lead the body to a healthy state. ・・・

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There is also a natural farm rental service.

The TTMA Group also offers a rental natural farm service for growing organic vegetables. Many people may think that it has nothing to do with Japkasai, but in fact, "food" has a lot to do with physical condition. Decreased reproductive function is also closely related to sleep and eating habits. If you think about ensuring "safe food" by selling organic vegetables to Japkasai customers and, of course, using it for your own health management, I think that you can lead to even more results. Chemical fertilizers are used in general rental farms. In Japan, there are many different types of organic products, and the differences are very different. The rental natural farm operated by the TTMA Group is a farm that is particular about natural farming and is operated under the promise that chemical fertilizers cannot be used. If you really care about food safety, you have to make your own. Please see this website for details.・・・

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◆You can also contact us by email.

The TTMA Group offers free consultation by e-mail regarding Thai traditional medicine lessons and business development using Thai traditional medicine massage therapy as a product. We have received an increasing number of inquiries from those who are considering a side business as a freelancer and who would like to add a new Japkasai to the salon menu. Please feel free to contact us.

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