Stressful managers are dangerous
Stressful managers are dangerous

It may be due to a decrease in the male hormone "testosterone". When "testosterone" decreases, trivial things can be frustrating, negative thinking, light sleep, stress vulnerable, unmotivated, self-loathing, and fattening. You may get tired, get tired easily, lose strength, have less morning rise, have less erections, and lose sexual desire. It also increases the chances of getting sick. There is an increased risk of osteoporosis, muscle weakness, cognitive decline, visceral fat accumulation, hyperlipidemia, stroke, dysuria, depressive symptoms, decreased libido, and erectile dysfunction.

Depression has become a hot topic among business people, but the feeling of depression, which is also called the pre-symptom, causes ED. On the contrary, it is recognized in the medical community that ED causes depression. It is also known that a decrease in the male hormone [testosterone] leads to a feeling of depression, while a decrease in [testosterone] occurs in a depressed state.

It is said that 11.3 million people in Japan do not currently have a satisfactory erection. It is estimated that 20% of people in their 40s, 40% of people in their 50s, and 80% of people in their 60s have ED. Japan is famous in the world as a country with a very high incidence of ED. It is believed that the cause is an environment that is susceptible to intense stress due to the increasing complexity of society. Men as well as women have menopause, but increased stress may be the cause of juvenile menopause. Lifestyle-related habits such as excessive drinking, lack of sleep, extreme diet, smoking, and biased eating habits are also considered to be factors that cause juvenile menopause. For athletes, it can also be caused by extreme exercise.

95% of male hormones are made in the testicles [testosterone]. If you are over 40 years old and complain of ED, depression, sleep disorders, muscle weakness, etc., and testosterone drops below a certain level, you are diagnosed with male menopausal disorder.We have prepared a free "check sheet for physical condition". If you are interested, you can self-check.

As you may already know, Japkasai is not a genre massage. It is an ancient traditional remedy that has been handed down in the Kingdom of Thailand. It is a treatment method commonly known as "testicle massage", but it does not touch the penis. Naturally, the treatment service does not include "Nuki". As you can see, it hurts anyway. Even if the boy has an erection with strange expectations, he will quickly deflate with intense pain. However, the treatment called Japkasai promotes the secretion of the male hormone "testosterone" and enhances masculinity. It is effective for chronic low back pain, erectile dysfunction, and energy enhancement. Anti-aging for men can be achieved. Androgens also act on the mind, making you masculine not only physically but also mentally. There are no side effects.

"Japkasai" increases the male hormone (testosterone). Androgen (testosterone) is an essential hormone for male growth, maintaining bones and muscles, maintaining libido and sexual function, producing blood, preventing arteriosclerosis, preventing metabolic syndrome, and even brain function. It is a hormone that supports various effects on the mind and body of men. It is a hormone that can be said to have an anti-aging effect for men. When this male hormone decreases, the function of sexual function deteriorates and energy decreases. Androgens (testosterone) have the effect of strengthening muscle strength and the role of suppressing the increase of visceral fat, but the main reason why the decrease in muscle strength becomes noticeable with aging is mainly due to the decrease in testosterone.

Androgen (testosterone) is also a sex hormone that controls blood flow and erection. When this testosterone decreases, the body weakens and energy decreases or declines. Decreased energy can cause ED (erectile dysfunction) and folds, so it can be said to be a serious problem for men. The strength of libido is proportional to the amount of male hormones. Energetic energy is greatly related to sexual desire, and it is said that male sexual desire peaks in 10 years around the age of 25. Generally, it gradually declines after the age of 30.

Even if you were in your teens and 20s and had a strong sexual desire and were very interested in women and SEX, in your 30s and 40s you may have physical problems and work stress.・ The number of people who do not have the sexual desire that they had when they were in their 20s is increasing. It is said that one in five adult men has subjective symptoms of ED. However, recently, the sexual desire of young men in their 20s and 30s has declined, and the number of herbivorous boys has increased. The male virginity rate has also been on the rise for several years. About 40% of men in their 20s have no experience of sexual intercourse, and the age at which the experience rate of sexual intercourse exceeds 50% is 29 years old. You can see that the number of young people who are not interested in sex is increasing.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) in the younger ages of 20s and 30s is called juvenile ED. The causes are psychogenic ED due to mental causes and organic ED due to physical causes. Stress is the cause of psychogenic ED (functional erectile dysfunction)! It can also be caused by stress, tension, anxiety and relationship problems in daily life. ED (erectile dysfunction) is caused not only by stress related to work and relationships, but also by pressure on sex itself and past bitter sex experiences (such as having a middle fold or not being able to ejaculate). You may end up with a body (erectile dysfunction) that you can't do with just one word, such as "bad," "small," or "fast." Once you lose your self-confidence, it seems difficult to recover with a negative spiral.

There are also physical problems such as lifestyle-related diseases. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels cause ED. High blood pressure keeps the blood vessels compressed, which damages the blood vessels and leads to arteriosclerosis. Similarly, hyperlipidemia, a disease that causes arteriosclerosis, is one of the lifestyle-related diseases that cause ED. When suffering from arteriosclerosis, blood vessels become narrower, making it difficult for blood to circulate in every corner of the body, and blood cannot be carried to the penis, causing ED. ED is greatly related to blood vessels, blood, and heart.

It is also famous that diabetes causes ED. Diabetes is one of the diseases highly associated with ED (erectile dysfunction), and 80% of people with diabetes have ED. The brain, nerves, corpus cavernosum, and blood flow must function without problems in order to have a normal erection. However, when diabetes develops, neuropathy, corpus cavernosum dysfunction, and arteriosclerosis often develop, resulting in ED (erectile dysfunction). Other diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, brain trauma, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease cause autonomic neuropathy and cause ED. Excision surgery for prostate cancer or bladder cancer risks damaging the blood vessels and nerves of the corpus cavernosum, and pelvic fractures and spinal injuries caused by traffic accidents can also cause ED.

ED is by no means a middle-aged illness. It is a disease that also occurs in young people in their 20s and 30s. What about ED symptoms, such as decreased erectile dysfunction, increased middle folds during sexual intercourse, and decreased morning erections? If you feel that, please do not leave it alone and try to receive Japkasai once.


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