Japkasai is recommended for chronic low back pain.
◆Japkasai is recommended for chronic low back pain.

Unexplained back pain may be related to mental stress. If the cause of back pain cannot be clearly identified by X-ray, there are several possible causes. First of all, physical things such as work that keeps the same posture for a long time, lack of exercise, obesity, and poor circulation. And it is thought that the state of mind such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression also has an effect. Although modern medicine has made remarkable progress, only about 15% of hospitals can clearly identify the cause of back pain. Japkasai is not always effective. However, in our study, more than 80% of people felt some effect such as low back pain or erectile dysfunction. If you have chronic back pain, try Japkasai. The therapist does not look at the test results like in a hospital, so in a sense there is a part of groping. However, since it is an approach method for improving the natural healing power for the whole body, there can be no minus. There are many examples of people who commute by car on a daily basis forgetting their usual illness on the way home from receiving Japkasai, saying, "Oh! By the way, my back doesn't hurt!"

There are various causes for back pain. It is important that you do not feel any pain or abnormalities in your body other than low back pain, and it is important to keep an eye on your physical changes on a daily basis, but you may develop low back pain due to strong stress. This is called psychogenic low back pain, and I feel a clear pain, not a "causal cause". The area and degree of pain change from day to day, and it is characteristic that the pain increases as the anxiety increases. It is thought that the reason why psychogenic low back pain occurs is that stress weakens the brain's ability to control pain. In some cases, people complain of back pain due to mental illness such as depression.

Chronic low back pain of unknown origin is often caused by stress. There are various ways in which pain appears, but in reality, there are many cases in which mental problems such as stress are deeply involved in such pain. Furthermore, what has been elucidated in recent years is a brain mechanism called the dopamine system that controls pain. This mechanism is a function inherent in the brain that protects the body while reducing the pain felt by secreting a large amount of dopamine, a substance in the brain that suppresses the pain even in situations where it should be painful. .. However, if you continue to be stressed on a daily basis, the substances in your brain will be out of balance and this system will not work. Then, the secretion of dopamine decreases and the pain cannot be suppressed, and it feels more and more painful. In addition, the pain becomes stressful and the secretion of dopamine is further reduced, creating a vicious cycle of chronic pain.

If you have chronic low back pain due to stress for many years, you will be vulnerable to extra stress. Even in the stress situation that I could tolerate before, I quickly get back pain and bounce back. When stress continues, back pain becomes more severe, more often absent from work, and some people even worsen their relationships at work. It's important for everyone to get rid of stress on a daily basis, but especially if you have chronic back pain, why not incorporate a soothing program into your daily routine?

At Japkasai, many people say that their back pain has been alleviated. I'm not sure if the cause was stressful, but I'm sure there are many results. Japkasai always includes an abdominal procedure. There is a treatment method called Chinazan (air visceral therapy), but it is no exaggeration to say that this simplified version is included in the treatment. The abdominal procedure is especially effective in treating low back pain caused by visceral diseases. In addition, in the diagnostic method called abdominal examination, which is handed down in oriental medicine, the stagnant energy line on the meridian is identified from the tension of the abdomen and the location of pain. In our experience, there are many cases where chronic low back pain stopped suddenly with just one Japkasai. Since the body is complicated, there may not be one cause. Therefore, I believe that the Japkasai treatment, which is backed by traditional medicine, can comprehensively improve the body.

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