Testicle massage is the mystery of Thai traditional medicine.
Testicle massage is the mystery of Thai traditional medicine.

"Japkasai" is the mystery of Thai classical medicine known as "Testicle Massage". Its roots go back to the time of Buddha 2500 years ago. In "Japkasai", the testicles and the vas deferens connected to the testicles are lightly stretched to stimulate the lower abdomen, and the reproductive function is improved and the urinary organs are stimulated to relieve lower back pain, mainly in the lower abdomen. It is a treatment method that gives vitality to the organs.

The therapist never touches the penis during the procedure. Use a towel, etc. to hide as much as possible while performing the treatment. It has been handed down to the Kingdom of Thailand for a long time as an oriental medicine treatment method as traditional medicine. Among Thai traditional medicine, Japkasai is a difficult technique that has been handed down only to excellent therapists. Even in Thailand, it seems that sex shops are performing as a performance to attract tourists, and from such a background, Japkasai has come to be misunderstood as "sexual service by women". It's a shame.

When performing this testicle massage, the whole body should be treated for 1 to 2 hours first to promote blood flow, and then it should be performed. By stimulating the energy line, the autonomic nerves are stimulated, and after activating the functions of internal organs and hormones, the testicles are performed for about 10 to 15 minutes. The degree of tension is really delicate, and it is a difficult procedure unless you have a delicate sense. Also, if the client's body is not warm enough, it will have the opposite effect and may lead to poor physical condition such as abdominal pain and discomfort.

"Japkasai" is a special treatment that is very difficult because it is considered to be the mystery of Thai traditional massage and must be performed with a delicate fingertip sensation. Therefore, it is a sacred treatment method that only selected people have been allowed to inherit the technique, and from such a background, only a small number of therapists possess the technique today. Even at the world level, very few therapists have this special technique.

The sensation of receiving this testicle massage is that many people feel the stimulus of running electricity in the lower abdomen, which causes pain in the lower abdomen. It's completely different from sexual arousal, and even if the client has that kind of atmosphere, the pain can instantly blow away that mood. However, the effect is enormous, and it is also effective in strengthening energy, recovering renal function, relieving back pain and back pain. In the effect of direct stimulation, increased testicular health increases blood flow, increases erection hardness, and increases semen volume.


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