Is the therapist qualified?
Is the therapist qualified?

Japkasai is a procedure that can easily lead to an accident if you make a mistake. It is best for clients to check for their own qualifications as a therapist. With the recent attention of Japkasai, there are increasing cases of charging exorbitant fees as Japkasai, even though it is a customs service. It seems that some people are personally active using SNS and Twitter. We, the industry group TTMA, are an NPO that has spread Thai traditional medicine treatment methods for over 20 years, but there are many cases of damage caused by the selfish behavior of unqualified persons. There is also a difference between a certificate and a certificate. A certificate of completion is a proof that you have taken a lesson to acquire skills. If you take the test and meet the criteria, you will be issued a certificate. There are also stages in certification. Japkasai is T-class if you are qualified to do it at the relaxation level alone. If you think of it as Thai traditional medicine, it is class A. If you want to teach it, you need AA level qualification. Even with TTMA, I really don't want to be stubborn with qualifications and regulations. I think it is best for everyone to operate with a moral sensibility without being disciplined. However, in reality, there are many people in the world who do not think about the inconvenience of others because of their greed. Therefore, in order to protect people who are working properly, develop the industry, and promote social contribution activities that save people in need, we have no choice but to establish rules and spread the qualification system. Thank you for your understanding.

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