Impressions of receiving Japkasai

We have summarized the impressions received from those who actually received Japkasai. It is a review page of Japkasai. This page is for those who haven't received Japkasai yet. We also posted the impressions of women receiving Yokutone, the impressions of receiving Japkasai together with Thai traditional massage, and the impressions of receiving the 1-day retreat course.

◇Impressions of receiving Japkasai

◆JAPKASAI 120min.
I felt that my sexual desire was decreasing, and I felt tired easily, so I took it. It hurt anyway. However, that night I felt horny and the next morning I was maxed out for the first time in a while.
37 years old: Working at IT system

◆JAPKASAI 120min.
I usually have low back pain, so when the pain was severe, I continued to lie down by pressing the Nakayama-style acupoint pusher before going to bed at night. I received Japkasai for the first time, but when I got home by car that day, I felt pain in my lower back, and that night I had no back pain at all, and I realized that it was effective.
35 years old: Working at Sales

◆JAPKASAI 180min.
My body is always stiff, and it is said that it is really hard even at the massage shops I often go to. It was painful at this shop, but it felt more loose than usual. The pulling of the testicles caused severe pain in my stomach, but I also felt a refreshing feeling around my crotch.
46 years old: self-employed

◆Traditional Thai Massage 90min.&JAPAKSAI 120min.
I realized that my body became very light. In the old days, when I was feeling well, I couldn't help but feel my age when I looked back on myself. The Thai traditional style was kind, but it was so ridiculous that I thought that Japkasai would be torn off.
36 years old: Working at IT system

◆JAPKASAI 120min.&YOK THONG 120min.
We have been receiving fertility treatment at the hospital for about a year, but at the same time, We tried to receive Japkasai and Yokutone as a couple. Japkasai was painful anyway. I asked her wife and she said her body was warm. After the treatment, I was allowed to relax in the garden. I felt kind because I was able to relax and reduce stress.
Married couple (male 39 years old, female 30s)

◆JAPKASAI 90min.
I was a little surprised that I would spend so much time on my stomach. I didn't feel much pain when I pulled my testicles so much.
26 years old: Part-time job

Previously, the shop I went to to receive Japkasai was a Sexal Nuki shop, so this time I went to this shop because I wanted to improve my physical condition seriously. The whole body massage was so pleasant that I was fascinated by it, and the last time I woke up with a terrible pain, it was complicated. But that night was already gingin for the first time in a long time.
42 years old: Manager

◆Traditional Thai Massage 120min.&Japkasai 60min.
I had them do a lot of stretching, but at that time I didn't flutter and get excited, and I thought it was amazing that it was refreshing. I had Japkasai do it from the front and the back, but the back hurts even more!
35 years old: self-employed

◆Yok Thong 120min.
I think it's similar to Chi Nei Thang. It was very nice to have herb balls warm the crotch area. It feels like steaming YOMOGI. The pain wasn't so extreme. I would like to come again. thank you.
34 years old: Working at Sales

◆1-day retreat plan for male function recovery
Is good. It's very expensive though. I was so impressed that I had never received it before. The whole body is loose and light and clean. I often get massages in Thailand, but this one is really nice.
45 years old: self-employed

◆Japkasai 120min.
I got horny on the way.
33 years old: Occupation unknown

◆Japkasai 180min.
I had them take time for counseling, but I was happy to hear from them. It first loosens the stiffness, but I was pointed out that the back of the liver was swollen and the stress of the frustrated anger mode was accumulated. I didn't have much time this time, so next time I'll try not only Japkasai but also other types of massages in a complex way.
36 years old: Manager

◆Japkasai 120min.
I've heard rumors that it hurts anyway, but I was able to take it with confidence because he adjusted the tension of the pull.
33 years old: Office work

◆Japkasai 120min.
The therapist who was in charge was very kind and I was relieved.
33 years old: Office work

◆Traditional Thai Massage 90min.+Japkasai 90min.
I'm a repeater I go to all the time, but every time I consult with my physical condition and decide on a menu. I really like the feeling that he always keeps himself in mind to improve his physical condition.
38 years old: Office work

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