Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Japkasai

We have categorized the questions about Japkasai and summarized the answers. It may contain something you are wondering about. We strongly recommend you to read it.

◇Questions when receiving Japkasai

Q:Does Japkasai feel good?
A:The loosened part feels good. The pressure gradually increased and it hurts Max in the second half. If you have swelling all over your body, it will all hurt from the beginning. By the way, each person feels pain differently. Still, the pull will hurt. There are also different types of pain. Pain that lymph avoids is NG. The pain of fear of pain is NG. Pain that crushes muscles is OK.

Q:I'm embarrassed to receive it ...
A:It's okay because the treatment is done while wearing a towel. Please be assured.

Q:Does Japkasai include "Sexal Nuki service"?
A:Not included. If there is a store that offers "Nuki" service, it is a moguri. It is dangerous.

Q:Does it hurt? How painful is it?
A:There is pain because it puts tension locally. My whole stomach hurts. If you compare the pain, it feels like the pain that the soccer ball hits the testicles lasts.

Q:How long should I go to see the effect?
A:Most people feel lighter or tighter after receiving it once. In most cases, you will be able to experience some kind of change in one go. It depends on what kind of symptom you have, so it's difficult to answer how long you should go, but take it once, take it again within a few days, and then take it again a week later. If you feel better, wait two weeks. Next one month later. I think it's better to gradually leave the period like that.

Q:How many minutes do you recommend the course?
A:It will be 180 minutes. It will be at least 120 minutes. 90 minutes is for busy people and those who go regularly. I will not talk for 60 minutes. What is it? Just as there is a constant speed in breathing and beating the heart, too short a procedure will have no effect. It's a waste of time and money.

Q:If I ask for Japkasai, how many minutes does the testicle pull include?
A:Of the 120 minutes, pulling will be about 15 minutes.

Q:Which is better to take the Japkasai menu alone or with a Thai traditional massage?
A:In Thailand, it was 20 years ago that Japkasai was only given after receiving a Thai traditional massage for at least 120 minutes. After receiving 120 minutes of Thai traditional massage, it is clear that the flow of Japkasai is good.

Q:Is the effect of the normal "Japkasai" menu different from the "1day retreat plan for male function recovery"?
A:I think it's completely different. The retreat plan can only be done by those who are familiar with Thai traditional medicine among the Japkasai practitioners. From the counseling stage, we will perform the treatment according to each person while carefully watching the physical condition. Almost the whole thing is made to order.

Q:What about the combination of aroma massage and japkasai?
A:I think it's good. Aroma massage will relieve stress and promote lymphatic flow, so please take more and more. It may be combined with reflexology, head massage, herbal ball massage, etc.

Q:I am working towards getting pregnant. What course should I take?
A:I think it is better for a couple to receive it. Japkasai for men. I would like women to receive YokThong. For the retreat plans offered at TTMA Forest Spa, we recommend the "1day retreat plan for male function recovery" and "1day retreat plan for female function improvement". Please take it with us.

Q:I am suffering from ED. It broke in the middle and does not last. Can Japkasai cure me?
A:We cannot guarantee that it will be cured, but in the past, there are many cases in which we have improved by receiving Japkasai. It depends on the symptoms and the cause of the onset of mild ED. So I don't know if a single treatment will be perfect right away. Since it should be possible to increase male hormones, it is expected that libido itself will increase from the day of the event.

Q:What should I do if I get excited while undergoing treatment?
A:I don't think it's necessary to receive Japkasai if you're so fine. We do not provide customs services, so you will have to put up with it. It seems that some people go to a sex shop after receiving Japkasai.

Q:Should I masturbate at home before visiting?
A:As you want.

Q:I am suffering from chronic low back pain.
A:There are various causes of back pain. It is said that only about 15% of low back pain can be identified as the cause. Typical examples include compression fractures that directly damage the lumbar spine, herniated discs, and lumbar spinal canal stenosis, but other causes such as bacterial infections, cancer, and diseases of organs and blood vessels cause low back pain. There is also. It is said that the cause of the remaining 85% cannot be identified even by examinations such as X-rays.Such low back pain may be affected by lifestyle-related conditions, stress and anxiety, and insomnia. Pain may also be caused by a nerve disorder that is not visible. Chronic low back pain is a complex combination of muscle inflammation pain, nerve pain (neuropathic pain), and psychological and social factors. Physical effects, long-term work in the same posture, lack of exercise, obesity, coldness, psychological / social effects, stressful workplaces, domestic discord, anxiety, insomnia, etc. are intricately intertwined. is. Since there are various causes of chronic low back pain, it is necessary to receive Thai traditional medicine treatment on a daily basis to discuss the cause of stress and to deal appropriately with the painful part every time. Please come by all means.

Q:Isn't it effective to pull the testicles by myself?
A:I'm not saying it has no effect. Even when you take a bath, you should try pulling it yourself. I think it will improve blood flow and activate lymph. However, the treatment method called Japkasai does not just pull the testicles. It is done after relaxing the whole body and filling the energy of qi, blood and water through the meridians of the whole body. It approaches the deep part of the abdomen and stimulates and connects the energy lines in the lower abdomen. Even if you take a bath, if you are not feeling well, your body will not warm up to the deep part of your stomach. On the contrary, it may make you sick, so please be careful.

Q:Do you ever touch your penis instead of your testicles when you have a Japkasai procedure?
A:No, you don't.

Q:What do you expect to be dangerous in an accident during the procedure?
A:It cuts the vas deferens. It will damage the testicles. It damages the blood vessels around the testicles. It makes the chronic disease worse.

Q:Does the effect differ depending on the therapist?

Q:Where can you judge the difference in technical level?
A:You should know to some extent at the counseling stage. If you are just doing the work as an assembly line mechanically, you may get sick. Rokusupo Don't even ask about your physical condition, "Yes, please lie down. I'm lying on my back ..." It would be dangerous to receive it in such a place.

Q:After receiving Japkasai, my stomach hurts and I can't move.
A:The body is warm and not loose. In other words, if the testicles are pulled too much while the blood flow is not circulating, it often causes abdominal pain. Especially in winter, my body is cold, so I tend to have abdominal pain. The therapist should know in his head, but what kind of program to proceed with the actual treatment depends largely on the skill of the therapist, so please select and receive an excellent therapist.


Q:It seems that some TTMA certified therapists have T-class qualifications and A-class qualifications. What is this difference?

A:The T-class qualification is a qualification that allows you to perform japkasai as relaxation. Grade A is a qualification that allows a comprehensive approach from an oriental medical perspective for treatment. Japkasai performed by A-class qualified persons and Japkasai performed by R-class qualified persons have different results.

Q:Does the Japkasai procedure include stretching?
A:It depends on the therapist, but roughly speaking, I think that Japkasai performed by A-class qualified people contains a lot of stretches. If done by a T-class qualified person, it is likely not included.

Q:Is my posture on my back when I receive Japkasai? Or in a prone position?
A:Generally, it is often done in a supine position. Sometimes I do it on all fours.

Q:There is no testicle on one side. Is it okay to receive Japkasai?

Q:I have a vasectomy, is it okay to have a Japkasai?
A:No problem. It's OK.

Q:What kind of people are most likely to receive Japkasai?
A:Those with mild ED symptoms. Those who are suffering from chronic low back pain. Many people are lethargic, such as being easily tired or unmotivated, and couples can receive fertility treatment. Some people who have undergone various treatments but are not feeling well will come.

Q:A semen test at the hospital was diagnosed with signs of male infertility.
A:Causes of male infertility include oligospermia, azoospermia, asthenozoospermia, and malformed spermia, but even in Western medicine, there is no clear cure for these improvements. There are individual differences in the improvement of all symptoms, and improvement methods and solutions vary from person to person. Please take a look at Japkasai. In addition to Japkasai, traditional medical systemic approaches may alleviate symptoms.

Q:My testicles are swollen. Is it okay to receive Japkasai?
A:We recommend that you see a urologist for the time being. Diseases such as testicular cancer, scrotum, epididymitis, epididymitis, testicular twist, inguinal hernia, and varicocele are also possible.

Q:I have hematuria. Is it okay to receive Japkasai?
A:We recommend that you have a medical examination at the hospital for the time being. There are various causes of hematuria, such as malignant tumors, stones, inflammation such as cystitis, and medical diseases of the kidney. The main disease that causes microhematuria can be caused by an organ called the glomerulus, which filters urine from the blood in the kidneys. In the case of hematuria that can be confirmed with the naked eye, it is possible to narrow down to some extent the abnormal parts and diseases due to the difference in color. If it takes a long time to urinate after the blood is mixed in the urine, it will turn black, and if it has not passed much time, it will become a bright color. In addition, orange urine may be produced due to liver problems and dehydration.

Q:There are urinary disorders such as difficulty in urinating (difficulty urinating), leakage of urine (urinary incontinence), frequent urination (frequent urination), and pain when urinating (pain during urination).
A:We recommend that you have a medical examination at the hospital for the time being. If you have difficulty urinating or have frequent urination, you may have benign prostatic hyperplasia or a neurogenic bladder with abnormalities in the nerves that control the bladder in older men. As a special case, the urethra may be narrowed for some reason (urethral stricture), or stones may be present in the bladder or urethra. There is also the possibility of a urinary tract infection. It is an infectious disease of the urinary tract (the urinary passage from the kidneys to the outside of the body). Most urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria, such as a burning sensation (burning pain) when urinating or frequent urination. Therefore, hospitals use antibacterial agents that have strong bactericidal activity against bacteria. Difficulty urinating and frequent urination in elderly women are often caused by neurogenic bladder, which is caused by damage to the nerves that control the bladder due to surgery for uterine cancer in the past. In rare cases, it may be caused by compression of the bladder outlet due to uterine fibroids, urethral stricture, or bladder stones.

Q:You may feel pain in the area between the scrotum and the anus.
A:There is a possibility of prostatitis. Many are caused by bacterial infections. In hospitals, bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics. Symptoms of prostatitis are treated with drugs in the short term, but they are treated by improving lifestyle habits. It is important to improve the natural healing power by using Japkasai and traditional medical treatment methods.

Q:You may feel pain in your lower back, penis, and testicles.
A:There is a possibility of prostatitis. Many are caused by bacterial infections. In hospitals, bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics. Symptoms of prostatitis are treated with drugs in the short term, but they are treated by improving lifestyle habits. It is important to improve the natural healing power by using Japkasai and traditional medical treatment methods.

Q:It is difficult to urinate and there is a feeling of residual urine.
A:In general, older men are less likely to urinate than they were when they were young. The most common cause is benign prostatic hyperplasia. As the prostate grows larger, it can cause urinary problems such as pressure on the inner urethra and excessive contraction of the prostate muscles that compresses the urethra, making it difficult to urinate. Prolonged dysuria due to benign prostatic hyperplasia can lead to increased enlargement, increased volume of urine remaining in the bladder, and other illnesses such as infection and renal failure. It is recommended that you go to the hospital for the time being, but it is important to improve the natural healing power and anti-aging by using Japkasai and traditional medical treatment methods.

◇Questions when learning Japkasai

Q:I am an inexperienced person. I don't make it a job, but I want to give it to my family.
A:I think you can. In fact, I think it's best for family members to do it on a regular basis. Japkasai is also a deep treatment method, but I think that it will be effective even if you are not good at it. Please do your best.

Q:I'm a body care therapist doing stiffness. Should I learn only Japkasai? Do you also need a Thai traditional massage?
A:Since you are an experienced person who knows how to loosen stiffness, I think you only need to learn Japkasai. In the traditional style, after receiving a Thai massage for about 120 minutes, the pulling part of Japkasai is performed. If you also learn Thai traditional massage, you can get closer to a more authentic style.

Q:A person who is active as a healer. Can you learn Japkasai and use it for healing?
A:Japkasai is also a healing work. If you are healing with Reiki or Quantum Touch, you will be able to use that feeling in your Japkasai treatment. The therapist meditates while moving and performs the procedure.

Q:Please tell me the general flow of Japkasai.
A:Japkasai is divided into a warm-up part and a part that applies tension locally at the end. First, it loosens the stiffness and creates a state where blood can easily flow to the capillaries in the muscle. Stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments sufficiently to loosen the whole body. In this way, the blood flow is increased. The body warms up. In addition, adjust the energy line. While stimulating the meridians, we will take a closer look at the state of the zone. We will adjust the necessary energy lines while conducting oriental medical verification based on the condition of each meridian and the reaction of the client. In this way, the energy of the whole body will circulate. Furthermore, in the abdomen, we will approach the zone corresponding to the acupuncture points and meridians at the same time as the abdominal examination. Where there is a problem, the pain should be strong, hard, or cold. The abdomen also needs to be adjusted over time. Then move around the testicles. Gently rub the surface waste products on the testicles to flush them away. Apply tension and pull the vas deferens. At this time, do not pull the blood vessel. The client feels pain, so gradually increase the tension while searching for the limit that can be tolerated. The pain occurs in the abdomen, not in the testicles. Further loosen and adjust the abdomen. Also, adjust the whole body while returning to the whole body and stretching lightly.

Q:How long does it take to qualify as a Japka Therapist TTMA Professional?

A:The TTMA official qualification to start freelance activities immediately with Japkasai is "T-class qualification". "T-class qualification" is a qualification to limit the skill to a specific massage therapy and have an industry group guarantee the skill, so if you specify Japkasai and take the test, you will receive the qualification on the same day. Will be. The fastest way to learn is 2-3 days to take a lesson at school and qualify. As a knack, it is recommended that you first obtain a "T-class qualification" and start activities. It can be said that challenging the qualifications above that is a less burdensome way to spend time and money well while doing freelance activities. After understanding the whole of Thai traditional medicine including Japkasai, if you want to perform various traditional medicine massage therapy at a level as close to treatment as possible, you need "A grade qualification". Since it is a comprehensive qualification, if you start learning from inexperienced, it will take about half a year to a year. In order to further teach Japkasai, please obtain "AA grade qualification".


Q:Which school is best to study?

A:I think TTMA's official school is good. In Japan, there are courses to study Japkasai at "Shivaka Traditional Medical School (Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture)" and "The Nuadboran School Japan(Daikanyama, Tokyo)". In Thailand, you can study at "NBS Chiang Mai" in Chiang Mai. Shivaka Traditional Medical School has a dojo at the headquarters of TTMA, so I think this is the highest level of the latest evolutionary skills. There is also a delivery service that invites an instructor to take lessons at home.


Q:Which course can Japkasai learn?

A:Let's put a link to each school's Japkasai course.
JAPKASAI COURSE in Shivaga Traditional Medical School
JAPKASAI COURSE in The Nuad Bo Rarn School Japan


Q:I live far away and can't go to school easily. Can I master it with intensive training?
A:Is possible. If you concentrate, you can learn in 2 days and 1 night. At Shivaka Traditional Medicine School, you can stay for free, so there is no hotel charge.

Q:I live far away and can't go to school easily. Is it possible to have a teacher come and take a lesson?
A:Home Delivery Lesson is a service in which an instructor visits your home to give lessons. Currently, a limited number of teachers are available. Depending on the situation at that time, the schedule can be dealt with by consultation.。⇒JAPKASAI HOME DELIVERY LESSON

Q:I would like to gain on-site experience at the salon before opening independently.
A:Yes, if you get a T-class qualification, you can work as a therapist at a TTMA official salon. Please be assured.

Q:I want to be a full-fledged healer in the future, not just Japkasai.
A:Japkasai is an advanced treatment method that was originally taught to only a limited number of Thai traditional medicine therapists. Simply put, when it comes to treatment, it is necessary to pack a wealth of knowledge such as Thai traditional medicine theory, oriental medical diagnosis, and energy work practice. If you really want to learn to the level of a healer, we recommend a course that you can comprehensively study as a healer, not the "Japkasai alone course". There is "Ancient ThaiTherapy Therapist Training Comprehensive Course" or "Traditional Medical Therapist Training Comprehensive Course".
◇Questions when starting a Japkasai business

Q:What are the benefits of doing your own business?
A:People in the Edo period worked 3-4 hours a day, and if they didn't want to work, they were relaxed and lived spiritually gracefully. Why is it normal for us to grind ourselves and work this way? It is said to be the age of the wind, but do you feel that each person is becoming more and more like living without being bound freely? Isn't it such a manifestation that freelancers and independent businesses are attracting attention? We shouldn't be slaves. You should do what you love, shine more, and live your life. He says, "Heaven helps those who help themselves," but I think it is important to have the courage to take a step forward. It is also called "job in hand", but if you acquire the skills that really help someone, you should be able to live while being asked by others.

Q:Inexperienced person who wants to open a home. Is it so easy to start a business?
A:Is it easy or difficult? Each person will feel it differently. There are various ways to do it. The method depends on whether you are a main business, a side business, or how much you want to earn. Anyway, we at TTMA will support you. TTMA has been engaged in the promotion of Thai traditional medicine treatment method for 20 years. We have raised many inexperienced people from scratch and have sent many graduates to the world as professionals to the point where we were able to actually open a salon. I don't think anyone can beat the industry-specific track record. When gathering customers, the action to get them to know first and the action to get customers to repeat once are different. There are various ways to do it, whether it's done over the internet or on SNS, but basically, please try to improve your massage skills and get them to understand.

Q:I'm worried that I might be forced to do something nasty.
A:Mostly everyone is worried. It's hard to say absolutely, but the fact is that there are almost no cases of misunderstandings because the prices are cheaper at so-called customs shops. Most of the customers who receive Japkasai have some troubles in their lower body. There may be occasions when you react on your own during the procedure, but when you enter the pulling stage, you will be in agony with pain. It will definitely shrink and shrink.

Q:Are there any customers who are embarrassed to come to the store?
A:There may be. It is courageous to discuss your worries about your lower body, so it seems that those who make inquiries by phone or e-mail are those who are very worried. If the Japkasai treatment becomes more popular, I think it will be easier for such people to contact us. However, there are few places where you can receive the treatment now, and it is a very rare treatment, so the situation may change in the future. However, there are an enormous number of men who have lower body problems, and according to statistical data, Japanese men with moderate ED "occasionally erections, erections during sexual intercourse can be maintained" and severe ED "impossible to have sexual intercourse without erection" The number of (adults) was about 11.3 million. By age group, 1 in 5 Japanese men in their 40s, 1 in 2.5 in their 50s, and 1 in 1.7 in their 60s are called ED (erectile dysfunction) of moderate or higher disease. It will be. Including mild ED, it is said to be 18 million people, and 1 in 3 people is ED, especially as they get older, and 1 in 2 people are said to be ED.

Q:I'd like to specialize in business trips, is it difficult?
A:No. I think it's a wise choice. A service that specializes in business trips and visits customers' homes for treatment is a highly profitable method because it does not cost money to set up a store. If you get the T-class qualification of TTMA, you can register as a business trip member for free because there is "Japkasai Delivery Service" in the member support. No margin is charged, so all sales are in your own interest.

Q:How about a plan to rent a rental space and open it?
A:I think it's a good idea. There is a rental salon "TTMA Space" that can only be used by people with TTMA professional qualifications. It is available at a fairly low price. It's definitely a way to make money.

Q:I run a Thai traditional massage shop. I want to add it as a new menu.
A:I think it's a good idea. Traditional Thai massage has become popular, but since it is one of the traditional Thai medical treatment methods, I think we can do business without any problems. There is a history that the stiff neck body care shop introduced Thai traditional massage in response to the needs of customers, and it is said that we will increase the number of treatment methods that are not known in Thai traditional medicine. May be good too.

Q:I run a men's beauty salon. I want to add it as a new menu.
A:I think it's wise to add new menus in an environment where you already have customers. However, it is forbidden to use Japkasai in a sex shop. Men's esthetics may offer various services. Cannot be used in combination with sexual services. If the same person does it, you have to change the name of the source, change the name of the store, and have them look completely different.

Q:Do I need to get a permit as a sex shop?
A:There is none. It's not a sex shop.

Q:What kind of support is accident compensation support in the unlikely event?
A:As for Japkasai, first of all, it is not covered by the insurance of a general insurance company. Therefore, if you qualify as a TTMA certified professional therapist and register as a TTMA therapist member, you will be able to receive accident compensation liability support. The therapist membership fee is 1800 yen per month, but if you pay only this membership fee, you can receive accident compensation support. You do not need to take out new insurance. Accidents in salons and accidents on business trips are all covered in Japan. You will be compensated even if you break an expensive acupoint on a business trip. If you have any problems, please contact TTMA immediately and the person in charge will take care of everything, so you can concentrate on your work with confidence.

Q:Is it okay to hire someone to teach me after starting a business at Japkasai?
A:To teach Japkasai to others, you need an AA qualification. Please do so after obtaining AA grade qualification. With other qualifications, it is possible that the technique guidance based on theory will be insufficient. If you give an incorrect explanation with half-hearted knowledge, you will not be able to judge the situation. There is concern that doing so may one day lead to an accident. As a result, it can mess up the entire industry. "It's okay because I haven't received any money" is a very dangerous idea. thank you.

◇For professionals! Question from the therapist

Q:If it gets better once, I don't think it will be profitable because the customer will not come anymore.
A:indeed. However, it is possible that the reputation will call for a break. It can be said that this depends on the therapist's consciousness. If it's a little sick, it may get better soon, but in some serious cases, I think there are cases where you have to dig deeper into oriental medicine and do it comprehensively, so do your best. What should I do? At the Moguri Salon, clients who are really sick will not know what to do. The technical level is really different from the moon.

Q:I was asked to add more to the pulling part.
A:It's what Yoshnoya gyudon calls "a big head". If you can warm up your body sufficiently to circulate the blood flow in the lower abdomen, it is okay to increase the pulling area. However, if you just want to keep the price down in a short time, and it's just a stingy request, you should decline it. There is a high possibility that your stomach will hurt or you will not be able to stand up later. It's very delicate. Symptoms such as feeling unwell for several days may continue, or I may fall asleep and never stand up in the morning. It will be a complaint and it should cause the client to get sick. Humans breathe an average of 18 times per minute. It is said that the waves crashing 18 times. Since the pace of the heartbeat and breathing rhythm is also fixed, it is not so easy to get well by increasing the number of compressions. If you can do that, everyone in the world will become a healer.

Q:Is it okay to deal normally with clients who have had one testicle removed?
A:There was only one Hitler. One is a spare. There is no problem.

Q:It hurts so much that I can't stand it! They said.
A:Each person feels pain differently, so I think he can't stand it. You must always pay close attention to the degree of tension and try to find the limit that the client can tolerate.

Q:I received a complaint that my stomach hurts after the procedure.
A:If you give a strong stimulus to the testicles when your body is not warm, especially when your abdomen is not warm and blood flow is not circulating throughout your body, your abdomen will hurt. It's in a very bad state. You should relearn Japkasai properly.

Q:I was told that I was getting worse after the treatment.
A:It's bad. Appropriately doing Japkasai by imitating it will make the impression of Japkasai treatment itself worse. It seems to be a very annoying act for the therapist who is doing it seriously. It is an idea to continue in the same way. Either study again or quit the therapist.

Q:My body is so stiff that I can't loosen the stiffness. Is it okay to do Japkasai?
A:Of course, depending on the degree, it is impossible for even a professional therapist for decades to loosen a stiff body with just one treatment. Therefore, even if it is unavoidable that the stiffness cannot be removed, if it cannot be loosened to a certain extent, the result cannot be expected so much. Also, is there a treatment that regulates the flow of qi as an energy work? Japkasai needs to do energy work that regulates the flow of qi at the same time. It's certainly not a procedure that you can just pull or laugh and play with half. Let's relearn Japkasai properly.

Q:I was told to pull the testicles after my body has warmed up enough, but what should I do if I loosen my body for about 60 minutes and it doesn't warm up?
A:It is necessary to think about other methods and warm the body from the inside. There are various means such as saunas, herb balls, konjac hot compresses, baths, and electric blankets. If you do not pull after increasing the blood flow of the body, the symptoms will worsen, so be careful.

Q:I want to loosen the points in the groin that I learned in the lesson, but it's hard and cold and I can't help.
A:For hard and cold tendons, loosen them as much as possible. It's okay to put in power or use tools. However, in the process of passing energy, if you put too much force on it, the energy will not flow, so be careful. Please consider separately according to the purpose.

Q:Customers with mild ED are using Viagra regularly. Is it okay to receive Japkasai in combination with Viagra?
A:No problem.

Q:We received a telephone consultation from a customer who had prostate cancer in the past and had a vas deferens cut by prostatectomy. Will it be revived with Japkasai?
A:If you have the prostate removed, you will not get an erection because the prostate is not physically functioning, even if you do a japkasai to improve the natural healing power. For other purposes, such as back pain relief, it can stimulate blood flow in the groin and activate the 1st and 2nd chakras, which can lead to some results.

Q:Are there any points in my daily life that I should be aware of in order to be more effective?
A:When it comes to ED, the most important thing is sleep. I don't know the order of 2nd and 3rd, but it's important to avoid stress and to be careful about your diet. Additives and pesticide residues in men adhere around the testicles. The male hormone "testosterone", which is supposed to be made by 95% of the testicles, will not be made. Therefore, in Japkasai, the testicles are lightly rubbed. And while it is well known that a high-calorie diet causes obesity, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc., these symptoms can also lead to ED. Be careful if you have a high-calorie diet such as fried foods, meats, snacks, and cup noodles. The standard dietary energy intake for men in their 30s and 40s is 2,250kal to 3,050kal per day, and for men in their 50s and 60s it is 2,050kal to 2,750kal per day. Let's review the meal contents with this value in mind. The rest is exercise. Dokata is less likely to become ED. Exercise moderately on a regular basis, increase calories burned, and try to live a healthy daily life. It is said that smoking and drinking habits are not good, but I personally don't care, so I'll leave it to you.

Q:As a coping method for ED customers, customers who feel more pain in the liver meridians than in the renal meridians. What should i think?
A:If the meridians hurt in the liver, it may be due to liver upset. If you continue to be under intense stress, stay tense, or have a series of intense emotional ups and downs, the flow of hepatic qi becomes stasis and feverish. The liver is a viscera that regulates various functions of the body. It is related to the autonomic nervous system, emotional stability, and the flow of air and blood. And when the effects of worsening hepatic qi flow extend to the nervous system, ED occurs. Check your daily "symptoms of irritation, anger, insomnia, hot flashes, hot flashes, flushing, etc." In this case, you need to adjust the energy of the liver. Approach the energy lines of the liver and adjust the points of the "tree" that deserves the liver in the abdomen as well. Please perform the treatment while keeping in mind the breathing that matches the symptoms of "stagnation". ... don't vomit.

Q:As a coping method for ED customers, customers who feel more pain in the meridians of the heart than in the renal meridians. What should i think?

A:It may be a state of "heart-blood emptiness". The function of the mind is to control higher-order mental activities such as human consciousness and thoughts, but excessive labor, excessive anxiety, and continued overwork put a strain on the mind, and the mind and blood are exhausted and insufficient. It will be in a state. Due to lack of heart and blood, the gods become unstable and become depressed and become ED. By moisturizing the heart and blood and improving the depressed state, ED will be treated. Adjust the points of "fire" worthy of the mind and small intestine in the abdomen through the meridian energy lines to adjust the energy of the mind. The therapist should try to breathe according to the symptoms of "spirit".


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