Japkasai brings happiness.
Japkasai brings happiness.

Japkasai will make you healthy. Your body will change and you will feel better. And your lifestyle will change. When the secretion of male hormones is activated, it becomes easy mentally. You will be able to understand things reasonably. You can relax in your feelings. Your heart will be rich. Work efficiency will also increase. Your grades will go up and your evaluation will go up. As your behavior changes and your response changes, so does your response to you. By realizing that you have grown up, you will be full of self-confidence, you will have more time to spare, your face will be more fearless, and you will be able to be kind to others. Then you can make your life richer than it is now. The possibility of a big change in life may be a rare thing. Even if it was Japkasai, after a while, you might forget that Japkasai was the reason for your life to improve. We cannot be held responsible if your life does not change because of Japkasai, because whether or not your life will improve will depend on multiple factors and the environment. However, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that the treatment method called Japkasai includes such a possibility.


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