The effect of Thai traditional therapy is amazing!

◆The effect of Thai traditional therapy is amazing!

The traditional Thai medicine method is minor and rare compared to Western medicine, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine, but the effect is amazing. Thailand is a country that was founded in the Kamakura period of Japan, so its history is short, but as you know, it is a Buddhist country with 90% of devout Buddhists. The Constitution stipulates that the King should be limited to Buddhists, and the traditional remedies of ancient times still remain due to the long-standing protection of Buddhist practices. Thai traditional therapy is in line with the theory of India and China, and it feels like a good point of traditional medical treatment methods in Asian countries. Unlike the Japanese temperament, where you want to be proud of your entrustment, let's be happy to be able to do it without saying anything difficult! It is a treatment method that shows spirituality everywhere. Although I wrote it in a difficult way, it is certainly an easy-to-remember and easy-to-understand procedure. Did you know that Thailand is the number one spa powerhouse in the world? The service level is different from the so-called massage shops in Bangkok and Phuket. Middle Eastern celebrities and cutting-edge people are all spending hundreds of thousands of yen in Thailand to detox in a few days to improve their natural healing power. Retreats for improving natural healing power have not yet become widespread in Japan. If more therapists want to learn Thai traditional therapy and save those in need, everyone should be happier.

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