Effective for couples' fertility.

Effective for couples' fertility.

I think Yok thong has a deeper spiritual element than Japkasai. Unlike men, the organs are not located outside the body, so the approach to the uterus and ovaries is done with deep pressure around the abdomen. Yok thong uses energy work on the abdomen. Energy work activates the exhausted uterus and ovaries. There is an area in the abdomen that leads to the meridians of the whole body. By looking at the state of the energy line of the whole body from there, it is possible to read the physical condition to some extent in Oriental medicine. Women's stomachs are more complicated than men's. The entire lower abdomen hurts, either left or right hurts, it hurts when pressed, it hurts during menstruation, it hurts regardless of physiology, it hurts chronically, it hurts suddenly, and so on. Yok thong is a treatment method that can help improve the natural healing power and bring out the original performance. Recently, the number of couples receiving Japkasai and Yokutone as part of their fertility activities has increased. Since it is a treatment to improve the natural healing power, it has no side effects and can be performed in parallel with the fertility treatment of Western medicine. It is useful not only for pregnancy-oriented expectations such as fertility and infertility treatment, but also for overall physical condition during the period until the subsequent childbirth.

In the age of declining birthrate, it is undeniable that the number of people who say "I want but can't" rather than "I don't have children" is increasing. If your child is having difficulty getting fertility treatment at the hospital, you may be wondering how long you will continue to receive treatment. Treatment requires time, money, and body aches. It seems that no results may be obtained even if it continues for many years. For such people, it is a difficult decision to decide when to stop and where to give up. No matter how many years of treatment you continue, not everyone will fulfill their desire to have a child. Even if you want a child and go to fertility treatment, it may be difficult to give it.

From a spiritual point of view, children are a custody from heaven. It is said that "babies are born by choosing their parents", so it seems that some people feel sad or responsible for not getting pregnant. However, even if a child tries to come to this world, he or she may not be able to be born unless the parents are prepared.

Those who have been treated for infertility at the hospital will have had a hard time. However, thinking of a child I haven't seen yet, dreaming of becoming a mother, and enduring painful treatment. It is an experience of "I loved my child" even if I didn't hold my child in my chest. Through that experience, I would have been able to think about motherhood and reconsider myself. That would be a treasure.

If the learning is genuine, it may be possible to have a child with a new approach. So it may be a good idea to try a traditional medicine approach before giving up. It's a completely different approach than the fertility treatment you receive in the hospital. Through meditation, you start by asking yourself why you want a child. Men should receive Japkasai and women should receive Yoktone. By doing so, both men and women will be full of energy both physically and mentally, and anti-aging effects can be expected. It is a different approach from Western medical fertility treatment, which deals only with a numerical view. Unlike hospitals, costs are much lower.

Japkasai and Yok thong are ancient treatments that have been handed down as silver bullets for the prosperity of descendants. Please try it as an auxiliary role for fertility treatment for couples who are not blessed with child treasure. They are alternative therapies that improve male and female function, respectively, and have no side effects. We propose a massage to improve your physical condition as an alternative treatment for infertility treatment by having two people receive each treatment together. In "Yokthong" for women, everything is done from the top of the clothes, so the skin is not exposed. I hope you can think of it in the same way as a normal procedure. In the actual treatment of "Japkasai", you will not feel embarrassed because you will be wearing a towel so that your lower body will not be exposed, so please feel free to take it.

TTMA (Non-Profit Organization Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association) is working on infertility treatment measures. Please try Japkasai and Yokthong for "pregnancy". Mr. Soichiro Watanabe, the president of TTMA, is said to have had a child at the age of 55.



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