Japkasai as a meridian treatment
◆Japkasai as a meridian treatment

For male dysfunction, it is a common idea in Oriental medicine to suspect "renal deficiency". Suddenly it became difficult, but it means that the meridians of the kidneys are weakened.

"Water" is equivalent to "kidney". It is an important organ that supports the work related to growth, development, reproduction, and aging throughout life, and is the source of vitality. In Western medicine, the "kidney" has a function as a so-called kidney that filters blood to make urine, but it has many other functions. The "kidney" of oriental medicine is considered to be a very important source of vitality that influences growth, development, and reproductive functions throughout life.

The elements of the five elements theory begin with "water". It is the source of life. In terms of plants, it is the time of seeds. It is the most essential energy and stores the energy to live inside like seeds. Seeds seem to have stopped at first glance, but they have high vitality, potential, and potential inside. This "kidney" regulation promotes growth and functional development from early childhood to adolescence and middle age.

Therefore, the "kidney" is closely related to sexual function and reproductive functions such as ovulation and menstruation, as well as bone growth and maintenance, teeth and hair. Eventually, with the decline of the momentum of the "kidney", it shifts to old age. Around early childhood, the fact that there are few hairs and no teeth grow is consistent with the phenomenon that the "kidneys" grow together with the fulfillment of the "kidneys" and come off again with the decline of the "kidneys" due to aging.

The same is true for bones, and in old age the "kidneys" weaken, leading to osteoporosis. In order not to develop osteoporosis, we must lead a daily life to preserve the momentum of the "kidney". Since the "kidney" is related to the strength of the back muscles, lower back muscles, and lower body, in old age, the lower back bends and the legs become weaker as the "kidney" weakens. Abnormal urination and nocturia are also associated with "kidney" function. The first contact point of the "kidney" with the outside world is the ear, and the other is the "two shades". "Two yin" refers to the two mouths of the external genitalia, including the urethra, and the anus. In other words, the "kidney" is involved in the regulation of urination and defecation in addition to reproductive function. Therefore, defecation incontinence in the elderly is associated with a decline in the "kidney". Presbycusis and tinnitus are also associated with "kidney" decline. "Kidney" is related to "black", the taste of "salty" equivalent to salty, and "fear".

Pathological symptoms associated with "renal" include amenorrhea, uterine dysgenesis, ovulation abnormalities, infertility, amenorrhea, sperm deficiency, impotence, premature leakage and other reproductive dysfunction, as well as urinary retention and poor urination. , Frequent urination, nocturnal urine, abnormal excretion such as incontinence, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, dizziness, cataracts, osteoporosis, tooth loss, gray hair, hair loss, etc. Children may have dysgenesis of intelligence.

In addition, the yin and yang of the "kidney" often affects the yin and yang of the entire body, and abnormalities in the "kidney" also cause systemic symptoms due to yin and yang ataxia. In addition to symptoms such as dullness of the legs, dry skin and lips, dry mouth, heat sensation, burning of the feet, dry cough, hot flashes, insomnia, many dreams, headache, palpitation and other fever and annoyance. I have symptoms of dryness. Rokumi Maru and Chikashiwaji Huang Maru are used as the method. Symptoms of renal deficiency include lack of energy, coldness, cold hands and feet, polyuria, pollakiuria, nocturia, shortness of breath, dyspnea, and edema. As a method, there are Hachimijiogan and Gyusha Renkimaru.

Thus, "kidney" abnormalities often have symptoms associated with age-related changes. Renal Yang, also known as Shinyo, influences the cheerfulness of other viscera. In other words, lack of renal yang causes spleen deficiency, lung deficiency, and heart yang deficiency, and renal yang affects the function of other viscera. On the contrary, if the spleen, lungs, and heart are prolonged, it causes renal deficiency.

Since the "kidney" is deeply related to the source of vitality, when proceeding with treatment considering the involvement of the "kidney" among many chronic diseases such as asthma and many intractable diseases such as autoimmune diseases. There are many. In order to preserve the "kidney", it is important not to create harsh conditions such as lack of sleep, overwork and mental overuse. It is important to avoid early sexual activity and excessive sexual activity. Kaibara Ekken, an Edo scholar, spends a lot of energy if he often leaks his energy, so when a man is over 40 years old, he says, "Do not leak in contact" and try not to ejaculate even if you have sexual intercourse. I'm preaching.



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